UV liner trenchless method


The UV liner method belongs to trenchless liner methods. The seamless insert of glass fibres with a lattice structure is manufactured according the calculated thickness for the given pipeline dimensions (circumference, DN, length) in a shape of a sleeve (hose).

The wall thickness of the liner is determined based on the static calculation with respect to the profile, degree of damage, the level of ground water and the pipe laying depth.

Simultaneously with the liner manufacture, the liner is saturated with appropriately formulated polyester or vinyl ester resin with a minimum content of styrene.  The liner pulled into the sewerage shall be cured by UV radiation. Thus a new plastic pipeline is created in the sewerage.

The values of important quantities from the course of pressuring and curing, i.e. the courses of temperatures, pressure and the UV lamps advance speed, are continuously stored in the computer memory, and printed out  in the form of reports after the curing process has been finished.

After remediation, the blinded building sewers shall be opened trenchlessly by the sewerage robot (milling-off); if necessary, a hood shall be mounted in the place of the building sewer connection to the trunk sewer, or the building sewers shall be opened manually in the manholes, including masonry completion. Camera inspection shall be performed, including recording on the CD or DVD.

In the old, damaged sewerage, new pipeline of cured plastic is thus created.

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