Sewing the liners


Sewing the fabric liners completes the comprehensive product range of the company in the field of trenchless remediation of sewer pipelines by means lining. 

We are the only company in the Czech Republic to perform trenchless remediation that have their own equipment for sewing the liners (sewing line, sealing stand) and conducting tensile tests (tensile stand).

Based on the constructional-technical condition of the sewer line detected by the camera monitoring, measuring of the pipeline dimensions (profile and/or inner circumference and length) and local conditions (depth and place of pipe laying, groundwater level), we will sew the liner of non-woven fabric with a thickness specified by the calculation and with a maximum profile of DN 1,800 mm.

The liner is composed of one or several layers of non-woven fabric, depending on the desired final thickness. The outer layer of the sewn liner is coated with leak proof PVC foil which ensures air-tightness of the liner during saturation, transport and installation in-situ, and subsequently creates smooth inner surface of the repaired pipeline.

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