Reconstruction of sewer manholes


Technical description of the work.

Repair of concrete sewer manholes consisting of strainers of DN 1000 with a transition cone and a frame with cover.

  1. Specifying the scope of work.

The repair comprises high-pressure water cleaning of the manhole walls and bottom, remediation of the damaged concrete parts, overall trowel-on coating, repair of the sewer line connections, mounting new steel wall steps with PE coating and, if required by the client, replacement of the frame with cover.


  1. Work flow.


a) preparation work:

  • removing the non-cohesive concrete parts
  • cleaning the walls with high pressure water
  • removing the existing wall steps


b) implementation of the remediation:

  • moistening the wall of the sewer manhole
  • puttying the joints and  cracks with Lampocem remediation mortar
  • drilling holes for wall steps fixing
  • applying Ergelit Kombina KS1 mortar on the walls for penetration
  • overall trowel-on coating with Ergelit Kombina KS1 mortar on the walls
  • mounting the steel wall steps with PE coating

c) inspection activities:

  • inspection of the remediation trowel-on coating condition – visual inspection
  • check of the strength  of the wall steps installation





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