Local trenchless repair of building
sewers by means of the remediation hood


The trenchless repair by means of a hood serves for repairs of leaks in the place of building sewer connection to the trunk sewer (not matched building sewer, improper connection by means of a cut, etc.).

The hood unit can be used for the connections from DN 100 mm up to DN 200 mm, with inlet at an angle from 45° up to 90° to the pipeline axis into the trunk sewer main of a profile from DN 250 mm up to DN 600 mm.



Local trenchless repair with a short remediation liner
or by the Quick Lock technology


Trenchless repair with a short remediation liner serves for local repairs of leaks, cracks, places with fallen-out shards, and leak connections of sewer lines.

Short remediation liners are used in circular profiles from DN 100 mm up to DN 800 mm in lengths of 500 mm. The liners can be placed in a straight section of pipeline in any amount one next to another.


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