INSAK® trenchless method


insak-logo-2The INSAK method belongs to trenchless liner inverse methods. The method is suitable for pipelines of various materials and shapes. The liner is made of one or several layers of non-woven fabric of synthetic fibres, and it is manufactured in a shape of sleeve (hose) for the given pipeline dimensions (inner circumference, DN, length]. The outer layer of the sewn liner is coated with leak proof PVC foil which ensures air-tightness of the liner, protects it during saturation, transport and installation and after curing it creates smooth inner surface of the pipeline.
First, the sewerage pipeline intended for remediation shall be cleaned, all obstructions shall be milled off by a robot and building sewers shall be surveyed; the pipeline is inspected by a camera.
After curing the liner, the connection between the shaft walls and the liner shall be completed. After remediation, the blinded building sewers shall be opened trenchlessly by the sewerage robot (milling-off); if necessary, a hood shall be mounted in the place of the building sewer connection to the trunk sewer, or the building sewers shall be opened manually in the manholes, including masonry completion. Camera inspection shall be performed, including recording on the CD or DVD.
In the old, damaged sewerage, new pipeline of cured plastic is thus created.

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