Water mains maintenance by means
of the trenchless method with an inverse liner

It is a system consisting of a glass fibre liner saturated with resin of a special composition. For curing, a set of lamps generating UV radiation is used. The system is mainly used to renovate complete sections of water pressure pipeline from one access hole to another. It improves hydraulic conditions thanks to minimum profile reduction with the hydraulic coefficient improvement. After installation, the liner ends are secured with mechanical collars.

The method is suitable for profiles of DN 200-1200 mm.

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Cementation - trenchless method of the pipeline
inner surface protection


The most widely used method of additional protection of the inner wall of water pipe. This trenchless, non-destructive method of repair and protection of inner wall of pipeline is suitable in particular for steel, cast iron, asbestos-concrete and similar pipelines. Cementation is mostly used for drinking water and municipal water piping and for sewerage.

The mixture is applied on the cleaned inner surface by means of the trailing machine – special equipment with a rotary head that allows to use the method in the pipelines of inner diameter from DN 80mm do DN 2,200mm.

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