Sewerage robots


BMH spol. s r.o. owns five sewerage robots of different sizes. The robots can operate in pipelines of circular profiles from DN 150 up to DN 600 mm and in pipelines of ovoid profiles from DN 300/450 up to DN 500/750 mm. The robots operate on the principle of combination of pneumatic and electric systems and are controlled by the operator from the car cab.

The operator controls the robot action by means of control levers based on the image transferred from the camera to the screen. Based on the type of the activity performed, the robot operates with different types of milling tools.

The robot shall remove the following defects:

  • offset service connections
  • intergrowing roots
  • incrustation, concrete debris, shards
  • offset joints
  • foreign objects - steel, cast iron, wood, plastic

The robot also opens the building sewers after the INSAK method remediation.

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